On the hunt for chewy chocolate chip cookies

It’s become a bit of an obsession. And I wouldn’t be the first lost to the siren song of the perfect chocolate chip cookie… Which is entirely subjective, of course, being that everyone has different criteria for perfect. I’m a fan of chewy, and I’ve been attempting to reach that sought-after plateau without having to chill the dough overnight, but I’m starting to doubt that it’s going to happen. Which is what makes tubes of Pillsbury dough such a horrible temptation, considering that I am incredibly impatient, and when there is cookie dough going on I WOULD LIKE TO EAT IT. RIGHT NOW.

Seriously, screw this baking-it-first crap. (Which, by the way, is why these are made of WIN. Cookies that were meant to be eaten in dough form.)

These cookies and these ones are brilliant if you want different twists on the standard chocolate chip cookie, but I’ve been craving the good-old-fashioned type lately, so I’ll save those ones for holiday baking.

I think it’s time for a repeat of Alton Brown’s chewy recipe… Which did not result in particularly chewy cookies when I used all-purpose instead of bread flour and only left the dough to chill for a minimal amount of time. So we’ll try that one again. (Possibly in conjunction with the bake-less dough recipe. What? Chocolate chips are clearly a food group. So there.)


~ by windigowinter on December 7, 2010.

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