[Fiction: Crowe] The Detail of the Pattern

I can’t recall when I wrote these… During the summer, possibly? I like the triptych they make. I need to start writing with Crowe in a non-NaNo way again — not having the time to write him properly makes me crazy. :P

“The Detail of the Pattern”


A dream.

He is standing back-to-back with someone, the sound of gunfire echoing in his ears like fatal fireworks. It would require a division of focus that he cannot afford to turn and steal a glance at this partner-in-crime, but there is a familiar feeling to the moment…

The echo of visions.

Crowe sits up in bed, waking on the exhale. The ghost of vicious laughter rings through his thoughts to dissipate against imperturbable moonlight. There’s nothing like remembering things that haven’t happened yet to set his blood burning with impatience. Eyes closed, he grimaces. So much for sleeping tonight…


Several years later, he has found cause for cynicism in the machinations of the Universe.

That the fox-haired teenager slumped in a chair across the room from Crowe could be the start of what will become Asit is barely conceivable. And yet. How many times has he Seen that very face, contorted in a myriad of expressions? Some more inexplicable than others…

Sensing Crowe’s weighted gaze, the telepath known as Zero glances up with a knife-edged smile. “Like what you see, boss?” The laughter which follows the question is more snide than vicious. Not yet, Crowe thinks. Not quite yet.


“Tch. They think they’ve got us surrounded.” Annoyance laces Roth’s voice. His back is to Crowe’s as they fight their way through a mob of doomed shock-troops. “Fuck, why does the Old Man keep sending them?”

Crowe shakes his head, letting the visions rush through him like flood-waters. “Locked door. To your right. Now.”

Spinning, Roth fires perfectly and the door swings open, no longer locked. Crowe enters and Roth follows, no question of them being able to escape. They make a frighteningly effective team, as he had Seen, but Crowe had to live it to understand why.

Partners. Yes.


~ by windigowinter on December 8, 2010.

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