Pic-spam 2: The Revisioning (or “Meet the Feline Overlords”)

Time for cat pictures! Everyone loves cat pictures.

This is Oliver. Oliver does not like his harness. He has a harness because he cannot be trusted not to spook and run off. He’s afraid of the wind. THE WIND.

Duke Humbert Muffinbottham

"Harnesses are for suckahs."

Oliver has extremely fuzzy feet.

Olleh's feetz

"Stop takin' pikchurs of Olleh's feetz!"

This is Inara. She looks like a good-luck cat. Unfortunately, she’s about as smart as a sack of hair and her attention-span is approximately 13 seconds long. Which is wonderful when it’s 3 in the morning and she REALLY WANTS YOU TO WAKE UP NAO.


"Whoa! What was that?!"

Her favourite food is cardboard.


"'Sup, losers."

This is Boo. If Boo was any animal other than a cat, she’d be a red panda, because she’s just that freakin’ cute.


"I'm very sad that you're all so lame."

If she’s awake, she’s attention-whoring. Constantly.


"Someday I will get you, laser-bug."

Last, but not least — Coleco! She came with the roomie, .Doc, in October and has settled in fairly well. She and Inara bonded over a mutual fear of stupid things. (Why are all the cats in this house afraid of stupid things?)


"Srsly, stop flashing that light in my face."

This is about as close as she wants to get to Ollie, though. She’s reasonably sure that he’s a dog. Or possibly a woolly rhinoceros.


"Just back off, buddy!"

Oh cats.


~ by windigowinter on December 10, 2010.

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