The Dire Wolf


Your humble narrator, the River City’s Harper, who can be called many things, but linear is not one of them.

Her wife, Learan, registered massage therapist extraordinaire.


Assorted cats — Oliver (a.k.a. Olleh, aGeNT ORanGe, and Turd Fur-guson), Inara (a.k.a. NarNar, Annoy-ra, and Hungry Hungry Hippo *glub glub*), Boo (a.k.a. Bugaboo, Boo-urns, and Pest), and Zoe (a.k.a. Troll, Fangora, and Little Cat).

The Scene:

Fort Housington — where the cats be atz.


Eats! — Adventures in cooking.

NaNoWriMo and Script Frenzy — Things wot have to do with National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy.

Speculations — Trains of thought and general lolly-gagging.

Inveterate Scars — Fragments of writing that fit together to form a particular sideways universe.

Wanderings — Travel and events I may have happened upon.

Awful things the cats did — Self. Explanatory.

Politicking — Considerations of a political nature which will often tend to crop up around election seasons.

Things that might be poetry — Or they might not.

Blog originally created for use in PROW-117.3, Mac Skills for Writers.

Blog titles and sub-titles from “The Dire Wolf,” “World Container,” “Wheat Kings,” “It’s a Good Life (If You Don’t Weaken),” “The Darkest One,” and “Bobcaygeon” by the Tragically Hip.

All original fiction and poetry on this blog swings this way:
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